Informatec launches its Qlik Framework iVIEW in Brazil

Informatec Partners with Toccato to Launch iVIEW Data Automation Framework in Brazil: A Game-Changer for Data Intelligence.

Leading the charge in the world of business intelligence, Informatec is thrilled to announce its partnership with Toccato in Brazil, resulting in the launch of the iVIEW Data Automation Framework. This groundbreaking Qlik-integrated toolkit is poised to revolutionize the way Brazilian businesses harness data-driven insights.

Informatec, a well-known Swiss corporation with over 25 years of experience, has established itself as a leader in consulting and comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions, globally. This innovator’s expansion into Brazil, in collaboration with Toccato, signifies a crucial step towards enhancing the potential of the Qlik technology in the region.

The iVIEW Data Automation Framework offers a comprehensive solution for businesses, consisting of three core products: iVIEW Dataflow for data integration, iVIEW Library for data governance, and iVIEW Designer for data visualization. It enables centralized administration and distribution of business content across Qlik applications and automates the deployment process for the entire Qlik ecosystem. Furthermore, it empowers organizations to cultivate a data-driven culture within their business.

Key Features and Benefits of the iVIEW Data Automation Framework:

  • Seamless Integration: iVIEW seamlessly integrates with Qlik, simplifying data management.
  • Simplified Business Intelligence: It eliminates coding complexity, masters KPI management, and empowers business users to visualize data.
  • Centralized Data Governance: iVIEW offers a single point of access for business rules, KPI definitions, and calculations, ensuring data integrity and standardization.

Guilherme Tavares, CEO of Toccato, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying,
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Informatec to bring the iVIEW Data Automation Framework to Brazilian Qlik power-users. This solution aligns perfectly with our mission to strengthen organizations with advanced data capabilities. Together, we look forward to helping Brazilian businesses unlock the true potential of their data.”

Rino Mentil, CEO and Founder at Informatec, expressed his commitment to empowering businesses with data transparency, saying,
“We are committed to our business slogan – experience the sense of tomorrow. Informatec has established itself as a preferred provider of comprehensive data intelligence solutions globally, and now we are excited to bring this solution to Brazilian businesses. Transparent and dependable corporate management is no longer a pipe dream but the foundation for a prosperous future. We are thrilled to provide this service to Brazil. As the iVIEW slogan says: It’s time to see data clearly.”

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