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Visualize your data your way

with iVIEW Designer

Data visualizations and dashboards are only useful if they make it easy for the user to surface and understand the information conveyed.

iVIEW Designer makes the display of data more user friendly, by allowing all data users in a business to customize the display of their data to suit their personal style and preference.

Simply drag and drop requirements into one of our numerous user-friendly design templates to create a custom web display and enjoy the freedom to visualise your data your way.

Key Features


Page Structures

iVIEW Designer offers an extension-free and fully responsive interface that allows you to choose from a range of templates and edit your view.


The Navigation is compliant with Corporate Design (CI/CD) and the intuitive interface allows for a seamless workflow while building your web solution.


You can preview your work before publishing for all final users.

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