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with iVIEW.comment

By eliminating the need for external data entry tools such as Excel, users can save time and streamline their workflow. They can easily input data and make updates within the dashboard, without having to switch between different applications or programs.

This added functionality can also help improve data accuracy and consistency, as all changes and comments are recorded within the dashboard itself, making it easier to track and manage data updates.


Write_Back Functionality

Allows customers to write their plan data back to a variety of locations, including a file, a separate database, or the original database. Users have the freedom to choose their preferred database technology, such as MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or other compatible databases. The writeback functionality also supports a direct reload of planning data into the Qlik Sense data model. This allows customers to automate the process of updating their data and make it immediately available for analysis in their Qlik Sense dashboard.

Full Integration Via Native QLIK APIs

Full integration via native Qlik APIs provides a robust and future-proof approach to integrating with Qlik Sense. Using native APIs ensures that your integration will be able to take advantage of new features and functionality as they become available in future versions of Qlik Sense.

Version Control and History

History and versioning of plan data at database level


Data Entry and Editing Directly in the QLIK Sense Interface

Provides a convenient and seamless way to embed editable objects into existing dashboards. This means that users can input and edit data, such as comments or annotations, directly in the familiar Qlik Sense interface.

One of the key benefits of iVIEW.comment is that the entered data is linked to existing data in the Qlik Sense context. For example, if a user enters a comment related to a specific customer, year, month, or employee, that comment will be linked to those corresponding data points in the dashboard. This linkage allows for more accurate and meaningful analysis and interpretation of the data.

Wide Range of Editable Objects

Provides users with a large selection of editable objects to choose from when entering data. This selection includes various input fields, such as tables, dropdown menus, forms, checkboxes, and date pickers.

Editable on any Device

With full functionality on any device, customers can seamlessly switch between different devices, including mobile devices, tablets, or desktops, without losing any of the editing capabilities available to them. This helps to ensure that users can easily access and edit data from anywhere, at any time, using the device that is most convenient for them.

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