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With iVIEW.plan you can leverage Qlik Sense’s powerful data visualization and analysis capabilities while also benefitting from the extension’s additional planning features. This enables users to work collaboratively and make better-informed decisions by incorporating planning data directly into your Qlik Sense dashboards and reports.

By enabling workflow-based budgeting, iVIEW.plan can help streamline your planning processes and ensure that all relevant stakeholders are involved in the planning and approval workflows.

This can help reduce the risk of errors and discrepancies and ensure that all plans are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.


Write Back Functionality

Allows customers to write their plan data back to a variety of locations, including a file, a separate database, or the original database. Users have the freedom to choose their preferred database technology, such as MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or other compatible databases. The writeback functionality also supports a direct reload of planning data into the Qlik Sense data model. This allows customers to automate the process of updating their data and make it immediately available for analysis in their Qlik Sense dashboard.

Full Integration Via Native QLIK APIs

Full integration via native Qlik APIs provides a robust and future-proof approach to integrating with Qlik Sense. Using native APIs ensures that your integration will be able to take advantage of new features and functionality as they become available in future versions of Qlik Sense.

Version Control and History

History and versioning of plan data at database level

Full Integration Via Native QLIK APIs

Future-proof integration with Qlik Sense and continuous maintenance and development.

Security and Governance

Complete control over data entry options via Active Directory connection. The existing Qlik Sense Security is not affected and This can be useful for ensuring that only authorized users are able to modify data within the system, and for enforcing data entry standards and validation rules

Full Integration Via Native QLIK APIs

Future-proof integration with Qlik Sense and continuous maintenance and development.


Planning Directly in QLIK Sense

iVIEW.plan's easy handling and workflow control features enable customers to manage the entire planning process within the Qlik Sense interface. This can help streamline processes, reduce administrative tasks, and improve collaboration among team members involved in the planning process. iVIEW.plan supports a range of planning use cases, including cost and revenue planning, budget planning, sales planning and control, CRM extension, project planning, marketing controlling, and forecasting.

Create Simple Workflows and Permissions

This workflow can be supported by iVIEW.plan with user roles and permissions to control access to the planning data. Tan example is the sales staff have permission to enter planned figures but cannot mark them as final. The sales manager has permission to review and approve or reject planned figures and can also mark them as final if approved. Notification emails can be sent to relevant parties at each step to keep everyone informed of the status of the planning process. Jedox is recommended for more complex workflows.

Enter Planning Detail at Different Levels

Supported by a flexible planning system that allows users to enter planning figures at different levels of detail, with the ability to aggregate the data as needed. Pivot tables can be used to easily view and analyze the planning data at different levels. The planning system can also include features such as version control, audit trails, and user permissions to ensure the accuracy and security of the planning data.

Creation of Simple Business Rules

Simple calculations such as seasonal distribution or weighting of factors are possible. (For more complex business rules such as cost allocation we recommend Jedox)

Plan Directly from QLIK Sense

The ability to choose the appropriate data set from Qlik Sense as the basis for the planning process allows for flexibility in the planning process and the ability to compare planned figures against actuals, previous year values, or budget versions.

Direct Analyses of Plan Scenarios in QLIK Sense

iVIEW.plan can seamlessly integrate with Qlik Sense, allowing planning data to be easily loaded into existing analyses. The ability to analyze and compare plan scenarios with current data or other plan data provides valuable insights and allows users to make data-driven decisions.

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